Month: January 2017

Free Antivirus Programs

If you do have a virus or malware problem with a computer, a simple, effective solution is Avast. It has been one of the top rated, free antivirus programs for years. I had been using AVG for years, but one day I noticed a problem. I often keep my small ‘local area connection status’ window Read More

Google Search Results Trimmed

Something odd about Google search results is that they claim a huge number at the top of their page, but if you try to get to the last page, the number shrinks to a tiny fraction. One thing that will help if you want to try this yourself. Click on the “settings” link at the Read More

Get Rid of File Extensions

This is a simple way of doing it by replacing files with folders. It does not make use of .htaccess or mod_rewrite. This was one of my early questions doing web work and it does get asked often in forums. The file extension seemed like a bit of litter to me, just one more thing Read More

Sneaky Forum Links

This technique was a bit of a chuckle. It has limited usefulness and won’t produce traffic, but it can get your site indexed quickly. To use it you need to join a popular forum that is crawled often by the search engine spiders. The forum has to use a link style that is not underlined, Read More

Optimize Your Code

A lot of people don’t realize that the white space in your code takes up bandwidth. Each hit on the return key, and each tap on the space bar is information that needs to be down loaded to the browser. One of the online html optimizers suggested that 20% of your bandwidth is saved. The Read More

Is Valid Code Important

If you like to do your own code on notepad or one of its alternatives, a validator is a big help anytime you are having a problem with it. Any time a page you’ve produced looks funny (but you aren’t enjoying the humor) you can just run it through one of the online validators and Read More


Welcome to the wonderful world of WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get,’ pronounced wizeewig) html editors. They let you put up pages quickly. In fact, after you have set up the style of the pages you want to use, they can be as fast as a blog post. You can type or paste Read More