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Life of a Blogger is my first ever blog and give me opportunity to post different topics that can help other people to make money online and go through cyberspace. This started at Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines. This blog is intend to post different advice on programming, web design, search engine optimization (SEO Challenges, Read More

Is website design necessary for a business

Today, Website Design Company has become a necessary factor to promote business online. You can find lots of people who can really carry it well with the assistance of web but there are certified personnel who work in a corporation that work for the welfare of online business. Due to lots of audiences surfing the Read More

How To Find Cheap Web Design Company in Sydney?

Any Sydney business you have, either small or large, the website is the powerful weapon that helps you tackle current digital marketing world. However, if you do not take it carefully and do not go along your business objective and estimated budget, then it can waste your and put you in the problem as well. Read More

Graphic Design VS Web Design

Either in 2D or 3D, on paper or digitally the graphic design creates new solutions to the problem by maintaining disciplines in the websites and in the products. In order to deliver or present its idea or objective, it uses graphics, topography, images, etc. to give output including tattoos, logos, sketches, typefaces, prints, animated characters, Read More

Get ready for webthesurfi rugs webdesign

End of Sikat ang Pinoy and got 3rd ranking on Google SERP while rocreh web design still going and near end this week.  the judgement day so that everyone keep doing someting to reach the top ranking and be the best student won an SEO Contest. Another SEO contest awaits hosted by aka “Bleuken” Read More

Five Advanced MySQL Queries

When to web design and development, I’m all about 3 things: following best practices, creating usability, and writing efficient code. This post falls under the last category. To help you make your web application or sites faster and more efficient , I’m proving you with five advanced MySQL queries. All five queries are single-line queries. Read More

DirectAdmin Beats Cpanel

I read online marketing forums for a couple of years before I needed a host, and really heard a lot about Cpanel during that time. When I did decide to move, I spent more than 20 hours researching hosting, starting at (WHT from now on.) To my surprise a control panel I had never Read More

Vista Tweaks

This one is really simple but one of my favorites. You can adjust the desktop icon size by holding down the control key, then pressing down on the scroll wheel and rotating it. I would be happy to get rid of them completely and just have a list of the file names, as I do Read More

iPad iPass

First I don’t mean this to be completely negative. I am not interested enough to even care about the things it does, but I have been told that it does those well. I’ll quote a couple of comments about that later. I just got a chuckle out of the graphic and to me if something Read More

Free Antivirus Programs

If you do have a virus or malware problem with a computer, a simple, effective solution is Avast. It has been one of the top rated, free antivirus programs for years. I had been using AVG for years, but one day I noticed a problem. I often keep my small ‘local area connection status’ window Read More

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