End of Sikat ang Pinoy and telebisyonserye.info got 3rd ranking on Google SERP while rocreh web design still going and near end this week.  the judgement day so that everyone keep doing someting to reach the top ranking and be the best student won an SEO Contest.

Another SEO contest awaits hosted by aka “Bleuken” for  a target keyword Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign. Top 4 will recieve prizes with corresponding amount of prizes. This contest has a theme more about web design and rugs. Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign is open to other countries and one participants won on oes tsetnoc International SEO Contest and i think sir Renan will be challenged in this contest.

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Student with web design skills

I’m a rocreh web design student but my web design skills aren’t advanced enough to make a unique web design by myself. But I have a good experience what web design is good for blogging and business. Making money on a good design is great.

People thing putting a website online is easy and certainly can be. Many people have managed to put together a website for themselves or their company and published it on the Internet. But how popular have they been? Imagine you are surfing the net and you are looking to buy something from a company. If you had two to choose from and one was obviously professionally designed and the other was not, which would you go with? A majority of people would want to spend their money with a company with a professional website because they would trust them to provide a more professional service. T

his is why it is important not to just use a search engine optimization service but actually get a professional company in to do the whole job. Once you have found a good online marketing company they should be able to help you with everything such as website design, online marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization and e-commerce. Even if they cannot deal with every aspect themselves they should be able to get someone in to help them. Everything that you would need to make a success of your website all in one package, leaving you to worry about running your business and what to spend all of those extra profits on.