Either in 2D or 3D, on paper or digitally the graphic design creates new solutions to the problem by maintaining disciplines in the websites and in the products. In order to deliver or present its idea or objective, it uses graphics, topography, images, etc. to give output including tattoos, logos, sketches, typefaces, prints, animated characters, advertisements, newspaper headlines, web site user interfaces, movie credits, etc. To cover various aspects of the design process, many individual designers often work in teams to find out new and effective solutions to the problems. We will find graphic design most of the time in the print industries and also in the web project. In graphic design, the designer use to create digital graphics posters, brochures, hooding boards, etc. Normally the graphic designers do not do any programming and usually not seen in taking programming classes as well. Some advantages of graphic design are presented below:

It can create a professional image of your website through the excellent use of designs, logos and pictures.

It can make your products and services very impressive which helps to create first impression on the costumers and also helps to increases your sales as well.

It helps you to get a very unique and attractive identity or trademark of your company than the rest of the crowd through the medium of excellent graphic designing.

Only by simply changing on your product’s design, it reduces the time for a new launch of your products and also no need to separate huge time for its maintenance.

The graphic designers have to go for a web designer to have an effective and professional website. Although it enjoy the freedom in its work.

Web design creates the new solution to a problem through web medium encompassing disciplines and many different skills in the website and in the products. Search Engine Optimization is also a part of web design as it chooses the right text content for a web page which may be viewed on search engine results and also display the position in the ranking of that result which is the part of user experience. The term web design describe the design process related to the front end design including writing mark up in the website. Web designer are expected to be up to date with web accessibility guidelines if they have to create mark up and also have an awareness of usability. Through using HTML or CSS, they have to turn their design into very effective and fast loading working website. Some advantages of using web design are given below:

Graphic and branding designing are the most important in web designing which includes logo, banners, pictures, banners, etc.

It presents the web layout and also navigates the system to see the entire site clearly and effectively.

It will publish your website and raise traffics with the medium of SEO tool and also make easy for good search engine ranking as well as visibility.

To make website attractive, it uses fonts and typography which also helps to save time as well as it also increases the trust among the customers.

However it has some restriction and limitation in some of the areas.

 Inter-Relationship between Graphic design and web design

Graphic and web design are interlinked with each other in a lots of ways. We can say that graphic designer come up with a perfect layout where as the web designer will decide how to use it in a website. Web designing is little more complicated than graphic designing and the task that can perform in wed design cannot be performed in graphic design and vice versa. Both of them have their own requirement and both of them have an idea about the opposite fields but it doesn’t mean that they will be good at both in graphic and web design.

Both the web and graphic design uses JPEGs images and typography to create an effect. Both of them come up with a perfect color theme as they understand the effective color tone. For web design and print, fonts are always different and both of graphic and web designer understand the right kind of font.

Relation between graphic and web design

Medium is the main differences between web and graphic design. Web design has to balance good design with efficiency and speed for the web where as the graphic design are not restricted by resolution, speed or programming and often have more freedoms. Graphic design professional do not understand the wed design and may think that it has lower quality than print work in other hands the web design professional sometimes get upset with such review. There is also some way to have both of these positions as one but due to such fundamental differences they really do not understand each other.