First I don’t mean this to be completely negative. I am not interested enough to even care about the things it does, but I have been told that it does those well. I’ll quote a couple of comments about that later. I just got a chuckle out of the graphic and to me if something is a bit funny that is enough to override concerns about sensitivity, good taste, character, intelligence, morals and that kind of upper class stuff.

ipad vs maxipad
Graphic from They do have a couple of videos there also on the same topic but I didn’t care for them much.

Of course it isn’t a good idea to focus on the things that it can’t do. What it can do is what is important and here is a quote about a few of those from someone with a lot of authority.

“I’m not sure what people mean when they say all this will do is read ebooks. You’re passing over all the apps that it has, some of which are awesome.

1).I can check and respond to all my email..
2).I can login to my banks, paypal, do transfers etc…
3).I can browse a few sites that keep me up to date..

4).And on and on..

5).I don’t see why many keep saying it’s an ebook reader..

I guess it’s just personal preferences because this thing can do everything I need or even want to do.

Not to mention the fact that you simply slide the unlock button and you’re live and ready to go, instantly.

The benefits for something like this, to me, are irresistible. And I’m no apple fan boy. Mac computers suck. I have a brand new one and would gladly give it away.”

The quote is from Allen Says, owner of the Warrior Forum and one of the wealthier people on the net. Here is the forum thread the quote was taken from. ahhhhhh shut up ipad As you can probably see already, he does believe in thinking for himself. In fact he’s made a few comments about “the herd mentality.”

The guy has a lot more to do with Paypal, banks and money transfers than I do. Personally I’m hoping to be able to order a laptop a little over 10 pounds and can’t see the use for this. But it looks like it will do the job for some people and that is what is important. Everyone is so individual.

Even if I had a use for it I really don’t like the “no user removable battery” big bucks attitude of Apple. They did it again with this product.

To illustrate just how individual people are, here is one of the more interesting links I’ve run into for awhile. 8 year old worth $900,000 net from his businesses, and do you think I can borrow $10 from my kid? No!